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Contemporary Healthy Food comes to your door!



Located in Pyrmont, The Messenger is a purveyor
of fine contemporary Australian dining, embracing
“healthy” as the main ingredients.

The Messenger Cafe Pyrmont (before was Pulse Food) are driven by the spirit of serving healthy food that will prevent you from various deseases at this age. With new imaginations and creations from time to time, The Messenger will consistently become the main destination for customers that prioritize healthy delicious food!

Food and beverage are inseparable couple that we love most, more than anything! It's our passion to serve customers not just in our cafe, but right to your doorstep! The Messenger offers a healthy array of healthy delicious food everyday. Food will be served fresh and delivered to you in your busy day.

The Messenger also offer outside catering for any kind of events, you name it, and we'll create something fabulous for you! Let us help you to manage the best overall experience you want for your events, from menu to presentation style, we'll handle it all. From a birthday surprise party, to classy corporate gathering with VIP waitress and waitresses, we are here to help you!

Shop 5, 60 Union St
Pyrmont 2009 NSW
Sydney - Australia
+61 2 9518 9422
+61 2 9518 9422
Mon - Fri 07.00 - 16:00
we do not take reservations

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THE MESSENGER CAFE. Shop 5, 60 Union St, Pyrmont 2009 NSW, Australia. PHONE +61 2 9518 9422